Friday, January 9, 2004

Now, from a different perspective, I turn your attention to the French filmmaker, Jean Renoir, "Our present-day religion is the bank and our language is publicity. The key word is output, by which we produce more. When the world market is saturated we start another war to get new customers. The aim of warfare is no longer conquest but construction. When the building is destroyed, the wheels turn again. We build skyscrapers in the ruins of pagodas and this fills the belly of the working man, who would otherwise revolt."

I found this quote in one of the books over there on the sidebar, Dancing on the Stones. I know that at times I exhibit a marked tendency toward talking out of both sides of my mouth, but one of my deepest frustrations with society is that I don't believe that we can ever know the whole story. Causation and rational are deeply cloaked in individual humans, so when speaking of a global and multifaceted society, I don't think one is gonna have much more luck in discerning the truth behind controversial events and decisions.

Besides that, our times are truly complicated in rational and the voices calling for satisfaction in any given issue. It would truly be hard to do anything authoritative in our world without some sort of disinformation. That's just what I perceive reality, not approbation or surrender to such.

A measured, reasoned, and non-reactionary approach might benefit this world. But then, maybe there would be more politically ineffectual, locally oriented, idealistic, family-focused people like me. Who would run the political and corporate machines then?

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