Saturday, January 3, 2004

As of 3:00pm, it's snowing after an hour's hiatus at around noon. This is nice.

With no training in html, I keep trying to tweak this blogger template to be a bit more content-rich and well, attractive. I hope it doesn't start disintegrating like my previous attempt at a webpage. If it does, I think momentum is with me and I'll be able to fix it pretty quick.

The kids are running amok here in the newborn-house, with mom abed and dad spending too much time at the keyboard. It it fun to listen to them play their games downstairs, squeals of delight about the "hot lava" that someone's about to step in or the "panda bear cowboy" who is here to save the day. I'd probably just ruin their fun completely and have them clean up the mess and do laundry if I went downstairs now. It's a balancing act, this parenting thing.

Let it snow! (repeated three times)

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