Friday, January 2, 2004

Eh. My dear brother says "major announcement." Warning to visitors with no previous experience or expectations: lower those levels still more!

I always think about what I write for at least days afterward. Sometimes I have second thoughts, sometimes just second syntaxes. Do I ever wonder where THAT came from? Yes, quite often, and for wildly divergent reasons.

I speak sometimes in sweeping generalities for the sake of getting things off my chest. I am aware of these generalities most of the time, but for the sake of paring expression down to something less than fifty pages with footnotes and references, I sweep with one of those mondo high school gym dustmops at times.

I tend also toward verbosity, a dear friend once nicknamed me "maximum verbosity" for my sometimes unwieldy and youthful poetry, but I try to economize a bit nowadays. Nevertheless, expression fascinates me.

All else is well here in Central Utah for the Burninghams, the kids are well and the Momma Extraordinaire is recovering smashingly from the recent birth of our sixth.

If you enjoy heartfelt opinion and insight into unstable psychology, please come back often to see if my cup hath again run over! You could even check out the three years of interspersed rantings in the archives to see if there is any baseline at all. At any rate, welcome.

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