Thursday, January 22, 2004

Another Provo-Orem chore was completed quite late yestereve, Jesse and I got in at about ten thirty from his optometrist appointment.

We stopped in at a dear couple's house, they fixed us bacon and eggs for dinner, and afterwards we sat and talked about their children and the world in general. The couple are about my parents' age, and I can imagine one of my friends stopping in at my parents house for some food and conversation, talking about my family and I, but I can't imagine it really happening (besides, they live in Arizona and I came of age for the most part in Bountiful, Utah.) I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

The air was fetid down in that valley yesterday. Here in Sanpete, it's unpleasant, but in Utah valley, it was like the late seventies in LA without the pleasant temperatures. What to do? Yeah, I know...

The good news; Jesse's eyesight has gotten better (the doc says he can get a driver's license now) and I got a new 110 lb anvil at a greatly discounted price! Yahoo! I don't have to bounce around my wee ten pounder any more.

See, I really am quite easy to please.

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