Thursday, January 1, 2004

Blogger is experiencing some difficulty right now, so I’ll throw a few down in WordPerfect. Darned Blogger.

I’ve been thinking much about the causations and factors behind relationships, both successful and un. There is so much one has to do in order to keep a relationship in working order, while at the same time it can be so easy to strike a new one up.

People have very little training in inter-personal communication and in giving and interpreting communication signals. While we are very similar in appetites and desires at a basal level, each one of us is unique in our ways of communicating those ideas to others. There are even similar personality types that many of us fit or at least communicate with more easily, but outside of those similar types, we often find ourselves at an impasse when communicating.

That’s when conflict can occur and build to points where a relationship is impossible or even undesirable to continue.

There are usually at least a few of these wrecked relationships floating like withered leaves in our experiential rivers. They usually are the kind that at some time in the past, we have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort on, but at some point the two paths diverged. Sometimes there is a cordial parting and in other instances, there are long and wrenching periods of struggle on the part of one or both to reconcile and continue.

Often those relationships are the ones that leave us feeling like there is more lost than won in these attempts, but only through these instances can we learn our own grasp of communication with others as well as with our own selves.

That is when growth comes and can show the way to future and more pleasantly fruitful interchanges.

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