Monday, January 5, 2004

What is Perspective? My perception is that perspective is analogous to point-of-view or “pars momentum,” the direction of movement. The person who has a certain drive or deep desire will unconsciously see the world in such a way as to justify or support previous judgment or decision.

Herein lies a mystery. How does an individual set a course in such a way as to be self-correcting and independent of self-imposed inaccuracies because of pars momentum?

One might argue that the perfect strategy would be to rely on an outside source of ideology e.g. religion, philosophy, nationality, business outcome, etc. For some, this might be an adequate compass by which one might guide one’s life. Each decision could be guided by such an end goal or external ideology, correcting the human tendency (to such a degree that it can be negated) to rationalize pars momentum.

Unfortunately, each of these ideologies has its own individual on collective pars momentum built in. They are human interpretations of ideals, “God’s” laws, community consciousness or individual ambition. If one chooses one of these external compasses, one should choose well, and consider combining two or more to involve mutual exclusions and one’s own reason temper inherent pars momenti within ideologies.

Among some, there is an argument that God or a creator has put in to motion an external locus for correction and understanding of our individual pars momenti. If in fact this exists, one could make the argument that this creator-locus would be a good source of information and correction for our own limited perspectives. One could argue that such an agent of a higher consciousness would be perfect in aiding a person trying to negotiate a difficult path to true betterment.

The question at this poit is whether or not this supernatural power exists.

The common name for this power is the holy spirit. It is said that this “spirit” can enter into a person’s conscious mind and suggest or confirm that which is “true” or right in a given situation or dissuade from incorrect decisions, paths or perspectives.

The beauty of this concept is that this supernatural aid uses feelings and some say at times words to persuade and suggest, leaving the subject freedom to choose the path or perspective he or she is going to continue on.

In my experience, I have tried to follow my conscience as “guided” by what I perceive as promptings of what I have a hope are the “holy spirit.” Some instances have turned out well, others much the opposite. Not exactly a scientific survey or an ideal set ofr a proof of guidance by such a supernatural guide.

At the same time, the possibility exists that my perception is at fault and that this isn’t a anecdote toward disproving the existence of the creator’s guide. Enter our greatest friend, our true enemy, Catch-22. If, then, therefore, but…

With Catch-22, every religious or spiritual tenet that comes up, one can never come to a logical or conclusive end. Certainly not one that would be reliable for those who desire a cut-and-dried relationship with deity, or proof of such a God.

Thus, we arrive where we started. Pars momentum is at best difficult, if not impossible to govern sensibly without constant study and discipline. That will be explored later. One of these days.

Boy, that was a ramble.

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