Saturday, March 27, 2004

Appuh Japan. You know, I have tried writing, but you know, I'm so mean.

I had a superlative Kindergarten teacher who taught me Japanese Kanji and some conversational Japanese back when I was a wee lad of six years old. She would come over to our house and work with me in my dad's study. I think she was impressed with my attention span. Either that or my efforts to share my peanut butter sandwiches with her, I remember her relenting a few times to my offers. Some teachers make a great impression on kids, I know a few did so with me. Both very good and not so.

Snow fell and the sun shined today; sometimes in conjunction, I bought a used lawnmower at a flea market and got it working so I could cut the hay from last year out in the front yard, and I bought some very expensive gas. It's inching up over a buck ninety here, what a rotten thing for a poor country boy who would like to travel a bit more. Ain't gonna happen very much at this price. At least until I get used to it or something.

Tapioca Pudding after a long, cool day working in the yard is a delightful way to put the cap on. Blessings to Drie for her willingness to cook after a day at very least as tiring as my own.


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