Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Tuesday. I am looking into the maw of my Longest Day; Girl's Home, regular school, after-school day reporting program, Adult Education and then back home at around 8:30 pm. For an introspective type like myself, my Tuesday schedule can send one into spastic fits in a dark corner. Luckily, the people I work with are a fine bunch, and the students are, as a general rule, good human beings. I make it through each Tuesday, and each new week brings another to stare down. Grrr.

My poor ThinkPad is still enjoying the spring weather in Memphis. The IBM people called me late last week to inform me that the repair wasn't under warranty and would cost $925. Yeah, that’s pert close to a grand. My first reaction was somewhat dramatic, to the tune of "um, well, uh, THAT"S NOT ACCEPTABLE." and I trailed off into some fumble ramble about being an educator and a charity case and it really shouldn't have broken fer crying out loud, blah and blah. I have been working my way around the customer service infrastructure trying to get satisfaction (or at least an understanding bloke who will cut me some slack) so I can get back to my mobile ways and back into sync between work and home. I do get used to my technology terribly fast, I'm afraid. Wahmbulance? Yeah.

Besides, I'd like to see if the return package smells like dogwood blossoms.

Jet exhaust would be ok if I could just get it back, though!

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