Wednesday, March 3, 2004

My first class went short today because of dentist appointments and an extracurricular activity, so I dashed up to Snow College to get some videos for my classes and a smackerel to eat. It's really odd how much I enjoy sitting next to a window, enjoying the morning sun as much or more than the french toast I'm eating.

Sometimes I wonder why we have chosen to live in the country, with some lack of culture and in many ways a general lack of interest in that which has brought humanity to where we are now. I enjoy architecture, I love music and performance, and I enjoy discussion of philosophy and the ideal.

On the other hand, I love open space and the smell of hay or wheat fields in the spring. I love the smell of a field as it is plowed, and the sight of a flock of geese coming in to light on an irrigation pond.

I enjoy being able to get to the hills in five minutes and seeing no one at all while there.

I am not cut out for the competition of the city, or the almost omnipresent rat race in some aspects of city-life.

Contrasts mean a lot. They provide texture and counterpoint to my life, and though it is difficult at times to keep looking for the beauty that's everywhere, especially when pressured by the mundane to stick to the nosey grindstone, it is worth it to stay.

And when I get the chance to sit in the sun and eat breakfast while listening to some music, it makes up for a few of the annoyances of not really belonging in either place.

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