Monday, March 8, 2004

Glorious day yesterday. The mercury topped out at around 56 degrees, drying out a good deal of ground around our homestead and setting me to work getting things back in order again.

I got my new anvil out finally, setting it temporarily on the bench, next to the old twenty pounder. If I could remember anything past two minutes, I could have bought a few railroad spikes and set it on top of the stump I've been saving for this purpose for a couple of years. I also rounded up a few tools that got left out in the black-shed and the greenhouse all winter. It's nice to see old friends after such a long winter.

I even moved the storage-van from the frontage to the back quarter, under the tree, where hopefully it won't attract the attention of the beautification committee enforcement squads too quickly. Luckily it's brown and unobtrusive.

The crowning glory was the sunburn on my somewhat extended brow, it feels nice to walk out to bluer skies for a change.

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