Saturday, March 13, 2004

A day of fixing things and finding things.

I lost my keys for perhaps the sixth time this month. Bryn found them outside on one of my sheet metal brakes where I had been looking for a bottle of glue. Why did my keys come out of my pocket and get put on the brake? Only the shadow knows.

I went over to my friend Roberto's house to see if we could fix the seat release on the 4Runner so that people can actually get in the rear seat without feats of acrobatics and contortion. We spent some three hours disassembling and fabricating stuff that we thought might work, but to no avail. We finally gave up, decided to start combing the wrecking yards, and jerry-rigged the seat so that it would go forward.

I was pretty frustrated that I had wasted our, well, especially Roberto's time. But he said, in typical Roberto fashion, "No te preocupes, es todo parte del Juego." Don't worry yourself, it's all part of the game. We figured out lots so it can be fixed right and quickly when we get the right part. That's wisdom, and an insight into the friggin' Tao.

Little lessons, good reminders.

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