Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Ryan and I made it over the mountain this afternoon to the Huntington to see what we could see, and what we saw was still lots of snow.

These two shots were right around the summit, and there is a good amount of glace up there. As we passed, the temperature was right around 29 degrees f at 4:30 pm. Spring has not sprung up on the mountain, folks.

I'm afraid there's not much melting going on around Endowment Run either, a favorite little stream of ours not much more than six hundred feet below the Skyline, on the east face.

We got some good casting in down toward the end of Huntington Canyon, near the Co-op Mine. Alas, we had nary a bite. It was a fun trip and good to feel the current again.

By the time this shot was taken,

it was getting dark, the air temp was around 24 degrees, and the rod guides were icing up so as to prevent casting much past a foot in front of the tip.

It will be nice to have spring.

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