Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Yesterday was my dear brother. Ryan David's birthday. He and his wife got to spend their day together, it's a good thing because this will be the last birthday they'll spend alone for a while. They've a baby on the way in April.

I was able to catch up with Lost Coyote and his brother yesterday at their parent's house. They were over there working on their Fords, too. Tim has an old '78 4x4 (it used to belong to their dad!) that he was changing out battery cables on and Ryan was on his second day of puttering on his Explorer. Tim is one of those amazingly mechanical people who have lots of talent in other areas, too.

It seems that this area has an astonishing amount of passed-down knowledge and skills. Back a few years ago, there was a lot less money and people had to do things for themselves. Specialization was less widespread, and a jack of all trades could save some money and store up a good amount of social collateral by helping others in his spare time.

Tim seems to be of that ilk, and I am glad to see people like him around.

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