Monday, March 1, 2004

My wintered-over gypsy heart is withering under a load of freeze-thawed mud. I have been perusing the MLS sites for a few places, fantasizing over houses that would fit our family a bit better. What will come of it? Probably nothing at this point, we've not much money for home improvements to make our dear little house better for our situation.

Fer crying out loud, I really should get my Master's over with, besides. That would preclude getting anything better around here, right now.

Real estate here is at best, stagnant and at the worst, stagnant. Nothing is selling, 'cept for cute little restored weekend homes and dilapidtated bargains that are 'just so neat.' So what shall I do? Investigate and do something, anything, for grief's sake.

Woot! This one's only $785,000 and located in Park City. Hmmmm.... Yeah. I have a reality problem.

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