Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Drie and I got to go out and eat together today. That is a rare occasion these days, just about as rare as a full night's sleep around our house.

Anyway, we went to a little Greek/Middle-eastern place at a stripmall a couple of miles from my mom and dad's place. Talking with Drie about the state of our lives and the progress toward dreams while eating good food outside on a spring day is about as close to bliss as I can think of.

I also made a trip into Sun City, the famous retirement enclave just west of here. While cruising down the road, I was taken back to my early childhood in Arizona. Even then, there were lots of retirees running around town, smoking cigars, pipes and cigarettes, driving slowly down the road to in whatever direction they happened to be pointed. They were always nice, sweet people, doing their best to make the autumn years last and be as happy as they could be. Sun City is pretty much the same as it ever was, there are the same nice, helpful elderly people driving slowly down the road. They don't smoke as much quality tobacco as they used to back in the seventies, but there is more out there proportionally than the rest of the world it seems. And they all love my kids.

Anyway, it brought a flood of memories today, and I think I'll go back tomorrow.

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