Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I’m bracing myself for a coming storm. The Weather Meisters say there’s a big blow headed our way, a sort of springtime Polar Express straight from the Gulf of Alaska. The warnings have toned down somewhat since a couple of days ago, but there are still high wind warnings and plunging temps and exclamation points here and there. So I’ll just prepare for an increase in airborne pollen and carry on, hoping that not too many tumble weeds wander into my fence at home. They’re a pain to untangle and get rid of.

Meanwhile, I’m here at the school monitoring students taking the Utah Criterion Refrence Test. What fun this is. It’s one of the activities that makes me feel like ‘another brick in the wall,’ the very sort of thing that made me crazy when I was a young’un. Busy work for the machine, grinding numbers and data out of unique human beings. I know it’s for the common good and all, but wall building is still wall building, no matter what the benevolent purpose is.

Geeze, I need to go out and smell some roses. Maybe if I change the color scheme to pink and baby blue? That might make things a bit more cheerful around here.

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