Wednesday, April 14, 2004

A few photos from the trip, you can click on the thumb to get a bigger image, si quieres. Enjoy.

A view looking south from North Mountain, where my dad and I trotted to the top just because it was there. You can see downtown Phoenix at the top.

Another view from the top, toward the east.

I took this for Drie, I know she'd love this yard. It's landscaped with native plants and flowers, it seems to attract lots of hummingbirds and wildlife. I wouldn't mind it myself.

The anchor from the USS Arizona, weighing in at around 125,000 pounds. The stand has all the names of the sailors killed on that December 6th morning.

The Hotel San Carlos. It has a great little cafe on the ground floor, like many I've seen in South American downtowns.

Built in 1926, the Security Building houses security firms and the main Arizona office of the BLM.

An odd Neptune-themed cornice at the top of the elevators in the same building.

A great tree in downtown Glendale, a beautiful sight for central Utah winter-weary eyes.

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