Friday, April 16, 2004

I've been thinking about new and old times. It's old speak to blab about the "good old days," and I am susceptible to seeing the past as halcyon when I finally forget the crap I worried about constantly because the crap I worry about now is sort of different.

However, some things are so much more inexpensive than they were even ten years ago, while others have increased in price greatly. There seems to be very little rhyme in the reasoning, cars and trucks have inflated amazingly in price while computers and clothing have gone down or remained stable. People can cite technology or labour costs as reasoning for increases, but labour involved in automaking has decreased steadily while that involved in clothing has remained pretty much the same. Both have exported labour to foreign markets, but the prices for the two product areas have been disparately relative. Corporatations really frustrate me.

I'm sure there are reasons and some may even be true.

The good news 'round our place is that the starter motor was the problem with the starting mechanism in the Suburban. The thing was a wreck, it was probably original equipment. The flex plate looked alright, so I just replaced the starter and the trouble that sounded and acted like the flex plate disappeared. That is a very good thing.

The not good is the fuel pump. It's making what I think is too much noise when the truck is running. So, I'll ask some of my mechanic friends to listen to it, get some advice, and probably wade into that project within the next week.

I've got to take the good and not worry too much about the other. It's not that big of a deal, anyway.

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