Thursday, April 22, 2004

Snow is falling on our little valley today. The slush is pretty thick on the roads, we must have at least a half inch of water from this gloomy cloudbank. It'll replace some of the water that went downstream to Delta during that hotstreak in March.

Silly doomsayers at water resources, all we need to do is be happy when it rains or snows and be careful with the water we use. We live in a desert for heaven's sake. It's that simple, and then we'd save all that money on the doomsayer's salaries.

Changing subjects, my UPS at home seems to be fried. I spent a few anxious minutes trying to locate the hot sulphur smell permeating our room, and felt mixed emotions at finding where it was coming from. The current in Spring City varies quite a bit and goes out at least once a week, so it wasn't very surprising. I'm glad it wasn't the computer or anything like that, but it was sure nice to have that UPS to save me tons of grief.

There sure is lots to spend money on in this commerce-based society, between government waterpundits and excessive technology.

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