Friday, April 30, 2004

Have you ever noticed that when you swallowing Gatorade really slowly, as when one isn't parched and running around or something, that it tastes really yucky, especially on the front of the tongue? If you swallow it fast, tasteing it only on the middle and back of your tongue, it tastes pretty darned good. There are definitely two different sensations, and I wonder if it was designed to appeal especially to that part because it is for especially for gulping atheletes.

I went to an ADHD symposium today down in Salina. Clare Jones, a renown expert in the field, came up from Scottsdale to enlighten us to proper methodology and identification. It was a very good presentation, though I noticed that I was one of three men among at least sixty women in the hall, and I was the only one that I could see who was tapping my foot, doodling on my paper, and looking around. I was probably one of a precious very few humming unidentifiable snatches of seventies-era cartoon themes and eighties new-wave in my mind and to myself.

It's a bit rough when one is abnormal for the abnormal norm and finds one's self amongst ultra-normals.

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