Sunday, April 25, 2004

Well, fer crying out loud. I just spent at least an hour mucking around with html in an attempt to redo this site with a new overall layout. Netscape was sorry, but their browser had to shut down due to an error and wanted to know if I wanted to report it. Yeah, report it right out their elbow. I'll try again tomorrow, perhaps.

Ryan, Tor and I went up to Electric Lake this afternoon and caught a few fish. There is another couple or feet up there since the last couple of storms rolled through. Torrey was surprised to see so much snow again and was relieved when it started thinning out once we went over the summit. He didn't want to get wet.

Once again, I didn't get anything out on the float, but on shore, sure did. I seem to be jumping the gun with each successive lake that thaws. One of these times, we're going to find some spring activity and really have some fun. At least I might get near the success that Ryan has, no matter the lake or activity level. Now is now, nevertheless.

Ya, basta with today. I'll get on this tomorrow and see if I can keep my eyes open to see what I type. Until then, g'night.

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