Wednesday, April 7, 2004

My dear brother Ryan-David took me out to Rio Verde this evening. It's an area northeast of Phoenix beyond the development in the Tonto National Forest. It's actually a beautiful area of the Sonoran Desert, with a huge variety of flora including paloverde and saguaro cactus and all sorts of other things I couldn't quite make out in the pitch blackness of a thunderstorm scattered night sky. It was a very beautiful night, with lightning stabbing the darkness with brief saturating flashes and the cool scent of moisture in a place that may smolder at 120 degrees Fahrenheit only a month from now

There were a bunch of his and his wife's friends there camping and cooking, and there happened to be a girl he was friends with while he was working up at Snowbird in Utah at the campfire. Ryan David brought her down to our house in Spring City on a lark one day and then tonight he brought me out to the middle of the desert on a similar whim and she was there quite unexpectedly. Strange and random synchronicity, the world is full of odd wonders that make one think.

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