Sunday, April 11, 2004

Still in Flag. Yep, very much still in Flag. We spent the day watching PBS and Discovery programs on Christ and the New Testament for the most part. That really was entertaining, if not relaxing and at HOME.

Jerusha, Hyrum and I walked the mile and some over to the grocery and back. That was lots of fun. Hy is quite a trooper and Jeru has always been the best hiker in th family. When she was two, she did an entire three or four miles up and down hill at a lake in Idaho all by herself. A bulldog of sorts.

We went swimming before supper to tire them out a bit, and the trick worked. It's eight o'clock here, and four of the six are out cold. Mission accomplished, now for the real work tomorrow. I sure hope it goes quick and we can get out, but we shall see and remain flexible all the while, right?

We'll try.

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