Thursday, April 8, 2004

My dad and I spent the day hiking, seeing the sights, and reminiscing around Phoenix today. In that I am mighty worn, I'll leave a couple of photos to whet the appetite for what I hope will be a gallery of the trip that I will put up sometime tomorree.

This is some bitterbrush that we saw up on North Mountain north of downtown Phoenix. A very beautiful place.

A view to the east on the same mountain, looking through a very unique and beautiful plant, the Ocotillo. They look like dead sticks most of the time until a bit of rain falls and the foliage springs forth like a miracle from dead wood. The red blooms are magical, too.

A world of congratulations to Ryan David and his heroic wife, Jenna. They had their first baby today at around 4:30 this afternoon, a boy by the name of Sumner. Welcome to you, dear nephew.

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