Friday, April 2, 2004

Made a mad dash into Provo-Orem yesterday, a very productive one at that.

Jesse's Bilateral Amblyopia has improved dramatcally since Dr. Abrams instigated his experimental Levidopa therapy a few months ago. His eyesight had plateaued at around 20-60 for at least a year with no appreciable progress, and in the last two months or so, he has improved to around 20-30 in both eyes. Pretty amazing, and I am very happy with both the doctor and patient in their efforts. Very cool implications for children with this eye problem, we'll see how things shake out.

The rest of the trip was pretty hectic. I wanted to get the maximum value from this trip since gas is so danged expensive to get up there and back nowadays, so we didn't really quit moving until we got back at around ten in the evening.

Too much to do on a Sam's Club polish dog and Coke products. I really need to start eating better when on the Provo Mad Dash shopping and doctor spree. Bleah.

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